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4-Digit PoE Network Clock - Stainless Steel - Flush Mount - Red LEDs

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Red LEDs, Stainless Steel Face Plate.

Inova OnTime digital network clocks make it simple to keep time accurate and consistent throughout a facility. Plug them into a standard Ethernet jack, and the clocks automatically receive time updates from a Simple Network Time Protocol server, eliminating the need for specialized software or a master clock. Thanks to a revolutionary design, that same Ethernet connection also provides the clock&#39s power! No AC outlet is required.

Technical Details

* Power for Inova OnTime clocks is supplied over standard Cat-5 cabling using the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard - the same power source as VoIP phones
* Time updates are received over the network from a Simple Network Time Protocol server
* Red 7 segment LED numerals are 4" high and visible at distances of over 150 feet
* Clocks are DHCP or static IP compatible (clocks ship DHCP enabled)
* Clocks support time zone offsets and daylight savings time
* Clocks support Telnet sessions for IP configuration, setting SNTP server address, setting daylight savings time and time zone offset from UTC, and status reporting

NOTE - Power over Ethernet must be enabled on your network for Inova OnTime clocks to operate. If you aren&#39t sure whether PoE is enabled on your network, please verify this with your IT department before placing an order. Optional Power Injector available.

Product Specifications

* Dimensions: 12" x 6" x 2.2"
* Weight: 3lbs
* Time Accuracy: +/- approximately 200 milliseconds
* Operating Temperature: 32º to 104º F (Oº to 40ºC)
* Mounting Options: 2 keyhole slots for surface mounting. Optional mounting kit available for pendant, cantilever or double-sided mounting
* Warranty

Volume discount available. Email for more details.

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