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Power over Ethernet

About Power over Ethernet

Standard Ethernet CAT5 cabling has unused conductors which allows product developers to power small network devices remotely. Manufacturers have been utilizing this revolutionary power-sharing concept with the inventions of wireless hubs, VoIP telephones and digital clocks.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a network standard based on IEEE 802.3af that provides a means of delivering DC power to Ethernet connected devices. This technology eliminates numerous wall transformers, allows centralized UPS backup, and is fully compatible with both powered and nonpowered 10/100BaseT Ethernet devices. Adding PoE to a network can be accomplished by placing simple multiport midspan solutions in a switch room or endpoint without replacing the switch or hub. Midspan PoE power injectors are available from most network equipment vendors.

Why use Power over Ethernet?

  • Lowers installation costs
  • Reduces cable runs
  • Energy efficient
  • Quicker to install
  • Worldwide standard