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Neat-Patch vs 1 FT cables

We love cable management. It's neat, clean, pretty, and looks cool. :-) There are many different ways to handle cable management for network racks.There is no right or wrong way to "do" cable management. Well, maybe there is a wrong way, just start plugging things in and don't care. Like this:

messy cables

Obviously, that is an extreme case. Most of the time it starts with an urgent issue or request then it get out of hand.

We love the Neat-Patch cable management system. We recommend the 2 FT Ethernet patch cables when using the Neat-Patch as those are the optimal length. Here is what is looks like:


However, you can also just use 1 FT Ethernet patch cables and it would like something like this:

1ft ethernet cables

Both look great. Both do their job by organizing it, making it look clean, all for easy access, better air flow, etc. However, if you use the 1 FT cable option, you save money on a 1 FT cable vs a 2 FT cable, which 2 FT cables are harder to find. Plus you save on purchasing the Neat-Patch. You get more rack space back as well.

What do you think? Which do you prefer?

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