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Click Here for a Network Clock Announcement Related to COVID-19
Click Here for a Network Clock Announcement Related to COVID-19

4-Digit Power over Ethernet Double-sided Network Clock

Original Price $600.00
Current Price $589.00
LED Color

Inova OnTime digital network clocks make it simple to keep time accurate and consistent throughout a facility. Plug them into a standard Ethernet jack, and the clocks automatically receive time updates from a Simple Network Time Protocol server, eliminating the need for specialized software or a master clock. Thanks to a revolutionary design, that same Ethernet connection also provides the clock's power! No AC outlet is required.

Technical Details

* Power for Inova OnTime clocks is supplied over standard Cat-5 cabling using the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard - the same power source as VoIP phones
* Time updates are received over the network from a Simple Network Time Protocol server
* Red 7 segment LED numerals are 4" high and visible at distances of over 150 feet
* Clocks are DHCP or static IP compatible (clocks ship DHCP enabled)
* Clocks support time zone offsets and daylight savings time
* Clocks support Telnet sessions for IP configuration, setting SNTP server address, setting daylight savings time and time zone offset from UTC, and status reporting

NOTE - Power over Ethernet must be enabled on your network for Inova OnTime clocks to operate. If you aren't sure whether PoE is enabled on your network, please verify this with your IT department before placing an order. Optoinal Power Injector available.

Product Specifications

* Dimensions: 12" x 6" x 2.2"
* Weight: 3lbs
* Time Accuracy: +/- approximately 200 milliseconds
* Operating Temperature: 32º to 104º F (Oº to 40ºC)
* Mounting Options: 2 keyhole slots for surface mounting. Optional mounting kit available for pendant, cantilever or double-sided mounting
* Warranty

Volume discount available. Email for more details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great, works perfectly

Once we worked out how to program it then no worries, does the job - to the second!

Excellent digital clock

The quality and size of this clock is really excellent. The price is also fair for you get. The digits are 4" long, which can be easily seen from distance. Although some say the green clol looks better, however the red color is more clear and brighter. Both colors are good. The clock can be easily accessed by telnet, however, the manual should be written and printed more professionally. Overall, I am really glad I bought this clock. In fact I bought three of them.

Excellent time piece! Very well made.

Excellent time piece! Very well made.

No problems

No problems that I am aware of with the clock. I am the purchaser for a large organization and I’m sure I would have heard about it if the department that ordered it thought otherwise. The clock did arrive in the time frame promised and was easy to install.

Network Clock

Very easy to setup. Manual included was very helpful.