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Phihong Single Port 15.4W Power over Ethernet Power Injector

by Phihong
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The Phihong Single Port 15.4W Injector provides a cost-effective Power over Ethenet implementation for low terminal density installations. IEEE 802.3af compliant, the Phihong 15.4W can provide power to virtually any Power over Ethernet (PoE) ready device.

The PoE mid-span eliminates the need for an external power supply and its associated AC/DC power cabling, providing a compact, cost effective, safe and reliable power solution for small enterprises and low port density PoE installations.


  • Fully Compliant Detection, Disconnect, Overload and Voltage Control IEEE802.3af
  • Data and Power Carried over One Ethernet Cable
  • Interal Signature Resistance IEEE802.3af standard
  • UNH IOL Test Report
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Full Protection OTP, OCP, OVP
  • Non-Vented Case
  • Guaranteed Protection

Remote Power
Phihong 15.4W PoE mid-spans may be connected to an existing Ethernet or Fast Ethernet infrastructure via standard Category 5 cabling. Whenever a device is incompatible with the power scheme provided by the Power Hub, an external splitter is added. The splitter separates the DC voltage and the Ethernet data signal into two separate outputs.

Smart Ethernet Wiring
Phihong 15.4W PoE mid-spans directly transfer data transmissions coming from Ethernet terminals on pairs 1/2 and 3/6. They act as a normal patch panel for Ethernet connections ensuring continuous and reliable performance. Power is provided only on the unused Ethernet pairs 4/5 and 7/8.

Standard Compliance
Phihong 15.4W PoE mid-spans are fully compatible with the IEEE 802.3 standard (when no inline power is supplied) and with IEEE 802.3af enabling compatibility with PoE products.

Minimal Crosstalk and Insertion Losses
Normally, introducing a DC voltage into an Ethernet network would increase the noise susceptibility of the system, thereby degrading the Ethernet signal. The Phihong design ensures that power distribution does not interfere with concurrent network operation. The hub includes high performance, robust RJ-45 shielded connectors, an intelligent wiring layout and optimized line termination enabling the Power over Ethernet Hub to operate as a fully integrated device for data communication and power.
Advanced Auto-Sensing Algorithm
Phihong 15.4W PoE mid-spans feature a unique load auto-sensing algorithm that automatically detects Power over Ethernet terminals and supplies inline power. Backward compatibility ensures continuous and proper operation of devices, such as Network Interface Cards (NICs), that do not expect power on their Ethernet connection.

Centralized Power
Deploying Power over Ethernet in conjunction with one central UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is a cost effective way to distribute back-up power and ensure the uninterrupted operation of powered devices in the event of main electrical power failure.

Compact Scalable Design
The Phihong 15.4W has an interlocking feature that connects multiple units together side by side to support more than one device in small business and low-port density installations.