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Free Shipping

Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $99 on most items
Discount shown during checkout

Network Cables Online, LLC is pleased to offer Free Shipping on orders over $99 on most items shipped inside the continental Unites States.

Consider this when you are "shopping around" on the net. Many companies will sell you a product but charge a lot for shipping and of course the hidden "handling fee". Or...they offer free shipping but jack up their price to make up for it.

Now, here is the bummer... we can't ship heavy items for Free, because, well, to be honest, we lose a ton of money when we ship them for free. While we want to provide you the best prices, we do need to pay our bills. But trust us, we don't make a lot of money but, we do want to pay our bills :-)

Here are the few things we can't ship for free:

  • Bulk cable
  • Racks
  • Training Tables
  • Technical Furniture
  • Alaska (We love you Alaska but you shipping charges are high!)
  • Hawaii (We really love you Hawaii, such a beautiful place but, same goes here, you charge way too much to ship there!)
  • Puerto Rico (Yes, we love you too Puerto Rico but, as I am sure you have discovered lately, it is hard to get things in and out at a good price)
  • Anything not in the continental United States.  Sorry :-( But, we still love you!

Here is the legal mumble jumble:

It is limited to the United States only. Taxes still apply to any orders shipped to Indiana. Most orders leave our warehouse the next business day (Network Clocks require additional burn-in time)

Thank you and shop away!

Technology can give all of us "troubles" from time to time.  If you feel you should receive Free Shipping but the website is not displaying Free Shipping properly, please contact us.  We will resolve the issue for you.  Do not be afraid to ask.  We are here for you!