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Click Here for Clear Acrylic Barriers to respond to COVID-19

About Us

We are small business! And we are proud of it! was founded in March of 2004 with the operating agreement drafted shortly afterwards with the official name of Network Cables Online, LLC. Paul and Chris started Network Cables Online with a vision to provide computer and networking cables for residential and business users at a lower cost. After noticing how much cables cost at retail stores and even at electrical contractor distributors we decided to put a stop to the high prices and we opened up, which is owned by Network Cables Online, LLC.

We have now extended into other networking solutions like Power over Ethernet Network Clocks, Emergency LED Displays, Network & Server Racks, Cable management, Audio Video cables, Ethernet cables, Fiber cables, Video Cables and more. We continue to grow our offering as we find the right manufacturers with the pricing you deserve.

Here are some picture of our small business located in Brownstown, IN:

Our Ethernet Patch Cables:


 More Ethernet Patch cables:


 Even more but long Ethernet Patch cables (and some rack screws too):


 Fiber patch cables, looks like we need to restock!, Popular item:


 Shipping station and our Kendall Howard rack storage area:


 Here is our "network" of customers who use Network Cables Online: