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COVID-19 Announcement for Network Clocks

Please read this announcement from Novanex, Inc., our Network Clock manufacturer:

"Hope this quick note finds everyone still healthy.  Here’s a status update on our assembly and shipping plans:

While many of our team members continue to remain at home (with pay), we have a plan allowing us to resume shipments starting this coming Monday, April 6.

Going forward our work schedules will be filled on a volunteer basis.  Those who wish to work will work alone, in single day shifts, on a 3 day facility rotation.  This will promote social isolation and a full three days between team member visits to our facility.  The facility will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each shift.  Our primary concern is still the health of our team members.

This volunteer work schedule will allow us to start shipping orders in our backlog, and resume building new stock.  Shipments will occur once weekly, likely on Mondays or Tuesdays, depending on demand.   Please let your customers know we will do our best to ship within one week after receipt of order, but make them aware that might extend longer if there is a big spike in demand.   We’ll try to adjust accordingly to prevent major delays.

Thanks for your patience during these difficult times...

Stay well, and keep washing those hands  😉

- The Novanex Team"



This is one of many reasons we love Novanex and their Network Clocks.

- The Network Cables Online Team