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Your Product Here

We are looking for unique products to distribute to our many individual customers, small businesses, large corporations, government, K12, Higher Education, resellers and manufacturers.  We are looking for unique cables, networking equipment, computers or electronics that benefit to our customers, save them time, money and headaches.  Here are some examples of what we currently sell that have these criteria:

1. Ferari style CAT5e and CAT6 network cables - These cables have a unique clip that make it easy to push the locking clip when plugged into high density or tight network ports.

2. Inova Solutions Power over Ethernet Synchronized Network Clocks - Synchronized network clock systems driven by Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, network clocks draw both power and time updates from a single Ethernet connection.

3. Neat-Patch Cable Management System - This unique cable management system for structured cabling networks can save you thousands of dollars, space, and time.

4.Kendall Howard Racks - American made smart intuitive products making your job easier every day.

5. Your Product Here!

Please contact us if you have presence in the United States and your product is unique that provides value to our customers.