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2U Center Mount Shelf

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Kendall Howard’s 2U Center Mount Shelf is an economical, medium duty rackmount shelf ideal for mounting into 2-post racks. The shelf’s 19” depth provides plenty of room to support monitors, switches, A/V equipment, battery backups, and more. Its center mount design allows the shelf to also hold deeper equipment, such as large, non-rackmountable components, while still maintaining its weight capacity. For routing and managing cables, use any of the cable lacing points, found in the front, back, and sides of the center rackmount shelf. Our Hook and Loop Cable Ties are a great way to secure or organize any cables coming in or out of equipment mounted on the shelf. The Center Mount Shelf features side mounting flanges (or ears) for installing into a rack. Each ear includes four mounting holes that need to completely align into two holes of two U spaces. To ensure maximum support, the weight must be evenly distributed across the shelf, and four screws must be installed in each flange. While the Center Mount Shelf is intended to install with the side panels facing up, it can be flipped over and mounted with the side panels facing down. The Center Mount Shelf is a reliable, medium duty shelf that comes ready for installation.

  • 19” usable depth
  • One-piece design
  • Economical shelf
  • Uses two U spaces
  • 70 lb. weight capacity (evenly distributed)
  • 19" EIA compliant
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Economical Shelf When you’re in the market for an economical, but reliable rack shelf, the Center Mount Shelf is the ideal choice. It balances an affordable price with a dependable, durable design.
Uses Two U Spaces The side flanges/ears use two of the three holes assigned to each U space. When the holes are evenly aligned over the U space, you will be able to perfectly install the screws for mounting. Four screws per flange are required to ensure maximum support.
One-Piece Design The shelf’s one-piece design makes it convenient to remove from the box and prepare for installation.
Cable Lacing Points Cable lacing slots are found in the front, back, and sides of the rackmount shelf. To secure cabling in place, use our Hook and Loop Cable Ties.
Reversible Mounting For traditional mounting, the Center Mount Shelf is intended to mount with the side panels facing up. But if you need a larger depth allowance, flip over the shelf to have a flat shelf, with no front, back or side edges.
Maximize Support This rackmount shelf can hold up to 70 lbs. of equipment, evenly distributed.