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Adhesive Backed Cable Holders - 9 Pack

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Keep cables and cords in place with the Adhesive Backed Cable Holders. These self-sticking, rounded holders have a “mouth” to hold cables in place and avoid being tangled with other cables. They are made of a soft plastic material to help prevent damage or wearing of the cables. Once the holder is put in place, it will be a permanent hold for your cables. The Adhesive Backed Cable Holders are suitable for cables within a Wall Mount Charging Station, Wall Mount Cabinet, 2-post rack, or other network enclosures.

  • Nine pack
  • Plastic material with TPU adhesive
  • Permanent adhesive
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Permanent Adhesive Don’t worry about the Adhesive Backed Cable Holders slipping out of place because its strong adhesive back makes these holders stick for good. The holder can be repositioned when first applied, but becomes permanent over time.
Cable Friendly Material The plastic material won’t interfere or rub against connection points or other components installed within the enclosure.