Cat 6 Ferari Style Molded UTP Ethernet Network Patch Cable

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Category 6 (CAT 6) 550Mhz "Ferari Style" Ethernet Network Patch Cables

Maybe you are asking yourself, Ferari Style? They didn't even spell it right. Well, this isn't a sports car. Not to mention, that other name is trademarked, copyright, etc. And yes, the "R" is supposed to be missing. If you see someone else spelling it after the sports car company, then they are wrong and are likely copying off of us. I hope for their sake, the sports car company doesn't come after them. You know lawyers :-). Anyway.

Did you know?!?!

Did you know that CAT 6 cables can also handle 10 Gbps (10 Gigabit Ethernet) network speeds? What?! That's right! CAT 6 Ethernet cables can be used for distances up to 180 FT (55 meters) running at 10 Gb. As long as you don't need to run over 180FT (55 meters), you can use CAT 6 cables for 10Gb networks. Keep in mind that if you need to go longer distances, you need to upgrade to CAT 6A Ethernet network cables which can go up to 328 FT (100 meters).