Fiber Cable ST/ST, 62.5/125µm, 10Gb, OM1, Multi-Mode Duplex PVC


Fiber Cable ST/ST, 62.5/125µm, 10Gb, OM1, multi-mode duplex PVC

Shaxon’s OM1 multi-mode fiber optic patch cords feature a standard 62.5/125 micron core and cladding with a PVC (OFNR, riser-rated) duplex zip jacket. Applications include 10 Gigabit Ethernet (up to 33m), Gigabit Ethernet, fast ethernet, fiber channel, Infiniband®, ATM and Gigabit Ethernet. Shaxon’s graded-index 62.5/125µm multi-mode fiber cables feature reduced dispersion and increased bandwidth and are perfect for a variety of network applications. In addition to the connector options shown, 62.5/125µm cables can be terminated with any industry standard connector.