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Neat Patch NP2 Cable Management Bay

Original Price $69.95
Current Price $57.97

This does not include patch cables see our 24 pack of 2ft CAT6 cables - order 2 packs for 48.

NEAT-PATCH's unique cable management system for structured cabling networks can save you thousands of dollars, space, and time. If youåäÛªre tired of trying to stuff unnecessary expensive patch cables into a routing duct, then welcome to a neat, simple and cost effective solution. NEAT-PATCH has the recipe for the perfect computer cabling network or any rack mounted interconnect system that can be custom designed to fit your needs and most importantly your budget.

Traditional rear management is located on the backside of the front manager above and below the patch panel and traditionally, occupying 6RU's to dress in a 2RU patch panel. The cable installer cuts the horizontal cabling to length when terminating a patch panel, so it doesn't make sense to unnecessarily waste all that rack space when it is the IT manager on the front side who has the problem. There is plenty of room behind the patch panel in its own rack space for dress-in as shown in the photos. The IT manager has excess rack cable to deal with, the cable installer doesn't. Neat-Patch gives back 4RU's to the IT manager, so his front manager has plenty of storage inside the rack. With 2 and a half times the amount of horizontal storage than any other cable manager on the market, you can now standardize on a uniform length of cable that will provide uniform results. You do the math. Your rack is 19" wide. A 24 inch patch cable will reach anywhere between the components and you'll never have more than a single coil of excess cable which provides unsurpassed bend radius protection. The end result is a perfectly balanced network cabling system that is mathematically guaranteed to prevent the necessity of anything longer than a 2ft network patch cable. A shorter 1ft cable limits your ability to make the connection. A longer 3ft cable and you begin the problem by adding 1ft of excess multiplied by the number of cables. Our concept is "the shorter the patch cable, the more control you have over it. So simple, yet so profound!åÊOur kits contain everything you need for these results in one very smart package.

Use only 1ft, 2ft or 3ft cables.åÊ 2ft cables are optimal.åÊ