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Why our boots are better

Why our molded snagless ethernet cables are better...

We feel that our Cat5e and Cat 6 ethernet cables are better than the conventional ethernet cable with boots.

Your average ethernet cable:

Our Cat5e and Cat6 ethernet cables:

 conventional-boot.jpg  orangeferari.jpg

As you can see there is less plastic to get in to way. This is an easier boot to use when connecting to a switch. With the conventional boot the extra plastic around the connector would get too cramped when lots of cables are connected next to each other on a switch. Our boot is also easier when connecting to a network card on a server, workstation, or any network device. Have you ever had a hard time trying to take a ethernet cable with a boot out of a network card? They are easy to plug in, but taking them out is a pain. Usually you had to try and pry the boot down to get the cable out or use a screwdriver to push the boot down enough to unclip the connector.

27th Dec 2013

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